University of Texas at Austin | January - May 2018

App Prototyping - Information Architecture & Design

I worked with a team of four other master's students to research, design, and prototype an app intended to help people find clothes that fit. I served as documentation lead, responsible for developing and maintaining our 140 page final report which you can read here.


There are a wide variety of apps intended to help users find or share style inspiration, shop for clothes, or organize their closets. Many apps contain multiple features, including the ability to track clothes usage, plan one’s wardrobe or packing list, and suggestions for pairing different items or accessorizing differently. However, few apps focus on the problem of finding the right fit, which is one of the largest pain points identified for users.

Over the course of this semester, our team:

  • Developed a simple architecture that attracts and keeps users interested in finding and sharing clothes that fit them best.
  • Designed an app that seamlessly integrates with users’ already existing shopping flows, enabling users to have better success finding clothes that fit in both an online or physical shopping environment.
  • Provided users with a unique service that helps them find items that fit them properly, allowing them to save time and energy and avoid frustration.


In order to gather research about potential users and the market, we conducted the following research methods:

  • Distributed a survey to gather data on pain points involving clothing. The survey received nearly 3,000 responses
  • Interviewed five users to gather more details on pain points
  • Conducted a competitive evaluation of top clothing app competitors
  • Administered a card sorting activity to gather insight into categorization and taxonomy of our app
  • Conducted 28 usablity tests to identify areas of success and improvement for our low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes


I used Adobe XD to collaborate on modifying the low-fidelity and high-fidelity versions of our app.

I also used Adobe Photoshop to design high-fidelity mockups and style tiles (see right) to establish the look and feel of our app.

Video Production

I scripted, filmed, edited, and produced the video we used to introduce our app idea. I used this to develop our brand, and designed an animation for our logo using Adobe After Effects.